Arrested On A Holiday Weekend? What You Need To Know About Bail Bonds

6 July 2022
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Certain crimes tend to increase over holiday weekends, including driving while intoxicated and public disturbance charges. If you have been arrested on a holiday weekend, you may have many questions, including whether you can even post a bail bond to get out of jail on a holiday weekend or whether you have to wait until the holiday is over. Here is some information you need to know about bail bonds and getting out of jail on a holiday weekend. 

If Bail Has Been Set, You Can Bail Out

Most states have what is known as a bail schedule. A bail schedule means that bail is set at a pre-determined amount of money based on the specific crime committed and whether the person accused is a first-time offender or has been convicted of charges in the past. This makes it fast and easy for jails and courts to set bail amounts for people who are arrested. If bail has been set, you can post a bail bond over a holiday weekend to be bailed out. Find a bail company that is open over the holiday weekend to post bail on your behalf. 

If Bail Has Not Been Set, A Bail Hearing Will Not Happen Until After the Holidays

If bail has not been set, or you do not agree with the bail amount and want to ask a judge to reduce the bail amount, you will have to wait until after the holidays for a bail hearing to take place. Bail hearings are conducted by a judge in a courtroom, and courts are closed for all state and federal holidays. Unfortunately, a bail bonds company has no control over bail hearings. They cannot help you request a bail hearing, nor can they tell you whether a judge may grant a request to set a bail amount or reduce a bail amount. 

Processing an Inmate Out of Jail May Be Slower On a Holiday Weekend

It is also important to keep in mind that once a bail bonds company posts the bond, the jail has to process the inmate out of jail. This is not an instant process and can take hours to complete. A bail bond agency has no control over how long it takes the jail to process an inmate out of the jail, but it can be slower over holiday weekends. It is important to stay patient. 

No one wants to find themselves behind bars, but unfortunately, it happens. If you or a loved one have been arrested over a holiday weekend, you can still bail out of jail, as long as bail has already been set. If bail has not been set, you will have to wait until court is back in session. A bail bonds company can tell you if bail has been set, how much bail has been set at, and the process for bailing yourself or a loved one out of jail.