Things To Expect At A Bail Hearing

11 May 2021
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Before appearing to answer for any charges in a court, it is crucial to know who will attend the bail hearing, what you should do, what your hearing is about, and the court presiding over your case. Doing so reduces unnecessary anxiety, and you will be more composed.

What Is a Bail Hearing?

When facing charges, request bail, and the judge will organize for a bail hearing. This is an opportunity for you to ask the court to release you on bail while you await your next hearing.  The bail hearing helps the court determine the amount of money you will be required to give to be free pending the next hearing of your case. The money is an assurance to the court that you will attend the next court hearing. 

Who Attends the Hearing?

A court official such as a magistrate can choose to attend the session or not. However, accompany the defense attorney, that is, if you hired one. The state can provide you with an attorney if you can't afford one. Persona non-grata can also attend the bail hearing. These are the people, such as the media, who want to know how your case goes.

What to Brace Yourself For

The court considers several factors before deciding whether to consider your request or deny it. The determinants are your past, character, the nature of the crime, employment, and financial resources. Also, your past court appearances, criminal history, and your family ties. 

It is your lawyer's or your duty to table the evidence of these considerations in court. If the court does not consider your request during the hearing, come up with admissible new evidence and facts that the judge can use to decide.

How the Hearing Can Fair

You may get bail that has some conditions you should first meet. The court may also deny it if your evidence is not strong enough. When this happens, you can appeal. If you succeed and don't have the fund for the bail, you can contact a bail bonds agency. These licensed bail bonds will give you the money needed for the bail, and you can repay once you are out.

Getting arrested by the police and facing criminal charges is unfortunate. If caught up in such a predicament, you can request the court to give you a bail hearing and request for bail. If your bail request is successful and you get bail but lack funds to pay the court, contact a bail bonds agency near you.