Your Gold Jewelry: More Valuable Than You Think

10 December 2019
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Do you own gold jewelry? Whether you own one piece or many pieces, you should know that gold of all sorts is very valuable. This means that, if you have real gold jewelry lying around, you can often sell it to get some extra money. This money can really come in handy when you find yourself in a tough financial spot or just need a little extra spending money.

No matter how old your jewelry is or what condition it is in, chances are that it has value. Gold tends to retain worth in that way.

Unique Appearance

No other material on the planet looks exactly like gold. And, while, yes, there are fake gold materials out there, they don't have the same exact appearance and makeup of real gold. Thanks to how unique gold and its look are, real gold tends to maintain a high value. 

Corrosion Resistance

Another reason that gold tends to maintain its value is that it is very resistant to corrosion, much more so than other common metals, such as iron and aluminum. Corrosion can destroy metals, especially if they are stored in moist conditions. However, gold can be stored improperly for long periods of time without serious corrosion. Any surface marks can usually be cleaned off, restoring the gold to its original appearance and value.


When people sell gold jewelry, it's hard for them to imagine their worn necklace or broken bracelet bringing in real profit. However, it's not the jewelry itself that actually has value. It's the gold material. Gold is highly malleable. It can be melted down and then used for just about anything. Whether it's new jewelry, gold coins, bullion, or anything else, the sheer fact that gold can be turned into just about anything helps it to retain its value.


A final reason for gold's value is that its value always exists. Yes, it might fluctuate somewhat along with the market, but it will always have worth. The same cannot be said for other forms of currency or other materials.

In all of these ways, gold has and will always have value. So, before you throw out that old jewelry, consider selling it. As long as it's made from real gold, it can bring in a real profit for you and your family. Just be sure to visit a qualified gold buyer to ensure that you get paid the full value of your item. Call a professional to sell your gold jewelry today.