Smaug's Guide To Home Protection

9 January 2015
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You have a home with possessions you would like to protect. In a way, you are somewhat like Smaug, the dragon who meets his match in "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies." There is a small burglar out there who may take advantage of your hospitality if you do not protect yourself. With these tips from Smaug, you can keep your possessions intact and avoid exposing your vulnerabilities.

Get Organized

If your house is a big mess, you may think that a hobbit-sized burglar would break in and decide to run away quickly. This is not entirely true. Burglars have a fairly good idea where you keep your most valuable possessions. Expensive jewelry and portable technological equipment often end up in your master bedroom, so that is where criminals will go first. If you are smart, you will place your items in a locked safe or some other safe location. Just do not forget where you put things, lest you mistakenly think you have been burgled.

Insure Important Items

Even if you have a solid homeowners insurance policy, you may be surprised to discover that it does not cover everything you own. Unlike Smaug, you do not have the security of burying your own personal arkenstone, the family heirloom most sought by the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield. You are also not significantly larger than prospective thieves. So, take a moment with an insurance company, like Advantage Insurance Agency Inc, to ensure that your most expensive items get extra protection. Consider adding a rider to your policy to cover possessions you may take outside the home. And, do not forget to appraise jewelry, paintings and other things that may appreciate over time. That way, your insurance agent knows how much coverage you need in the event these items are damaged or stolen.

Form a Good Offense

In the end, as Smaug discovered, the best defense is a good offense. In short, you protect your home better by assuming burglars will try to break in and acting accordingly. Install an alarm system and place stickers on windows and doors notifying burglars that you have that system in place. Learn how to use the system and use it consistently. Take care when you are out of town by arranging for someone to pick up your newspaper and mail, and create tracks in the snow on your driveway. When burglars suspect that you are inside, they are less likely to try to break in.

Smaug finally met his end in this recent box-office smash hit. But, you do not have to face the same fate. With a little planning ahead, you can protect your kingdom and make your home less appealing to a little burglar.