Stuck On The Payday Loan Treadmill? 3 Brilliant Ways You Can Pay Off Your Debt On A Limited Income

23 January 2015
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Cash advances and payday loans are awesome, especially when you run into an unexpected expense that can't be put off. However, people who don't have the money to pay their loans off in one go often have to take out loan after loan just to stay afloat. This becomes a never-ending cycle for many people. They pay off one loan only to take out another before they walk out the door. Read More 

Tax Preparation: Your Options

8 January 2015
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Filing your taxes is an important part of every adult's life.  It is very important to file correctly in order to avoid possible penalties from the IRS.  Choosing how to file your taxes is a big decision.  For some people the best choice might be to file their own taxes, while others will need to obtain the assistance of a professional.  Which option is right for you? Do It Yourself Read More 

Debunking 3 Myths About Getting Arrested

7 January 2015
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Most people never anticipate that they'll find themselves in a situation where they're detained, questioned, and arrested by police. However, one study has found that one third of Americans are arrested by the time they reach at the age of 23. With this statistic in mind, all adults should make themselves aware of the rights they do and don't have when they're arrested. Furthermore, there are a few commonly perpetuated myths about being arrested that need to be debunked. Read More