Making The Most Out Of A Small Margin In Commodities Futures Trading

13 January 2015
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Due to the high-risk nature of futures and commodities trading, brokerage houses require you to put money in an account in advance of trading. This liquid capital is known as the margin. Those with a limited available capital should employ a deliberate and smart strategy in order to make a limited number of smart trades. 

Reduce the Frequency of Trades

Each and every time you execute a trade, the capital that comprises the margin is placed at risk. With small cash reserves to trade with, it is prudent to only execute a limited number of well-thought-out trades. Obviously, you have to be smart about the contracts entered and trades executed. Effective research in the futures market allows you to make those smaller trades in a wiser manner.

Examine the Landscape of the Futures Market

No one can predict what the price of futures are eventually going to be. That said, researching the trends in the current market landscape might provide clear insight into the direction prices could go. 

Currently, the price of crude oil has hit record lows, declining roughly 46%. Prices could continue to drop or they could begin to rise. If there are signs that greater demand in oil may be present in the future, then buying up contracts at low margins might be a smart, and not-so-speculative move.

Research Trends in the Futures Market

News from consumer electronics and entertainment websites reveal a brilliant new mobile device is slated to be released in the near future. In addition, the most cutting edge video gaming console the world has ever seen will soon make its debut. Peripherally, you notice that firearm sales have been doing extremely strong business during the holidays and it does not seem that trend is going to decline.

What does this have to do with selectively putting money into oil futures?

Video game consoles require a lot of plastic to be manufactured. A great many low-end firearms are made with polymer, which is a type of plastic. Plastic is made from oil so these news items might indicate a jump in oil prices is possible. Buying low now could lead to cashing out at a higher sale price in the future.

Work with the Right Broker

A skilled broker who helps with research and also offers fair prices on trades can aid the budget-conscious client. For more information, contact SJB Futures, LLC or a similar company.